Our Company

Firm History

BBM was established in 1975 as the first life insurance brokerage firm in eastern Washington. A request from Memorial Hospital quickly got us into the group medical insurance business. Within 5 years we had a 75% market share in Yakima.

Through the 1970s and 1980s, we began offering retirement plan administration, and became a local claims administrator TPA enabling our clients to manage the financial return on their own reserves. The shift from pension plans to 401(k) retirement programs was an exciting opportunity to serve our clients as a Registered Investment Advisor. Four decades later, this remains a focus of our firm.

Group medical insurance regulation in the 1990s encouraged us to sell our group insurance and claims administration business. This opened the door for us to offer private wealth management services to affluent individuals, which has expanded to include comprehensive financial planning services.

As much as business has changed over the past three decades, some things remained the same. BBM Financial Services began as a life insurance brokerage and we continue to offer independent life, disability and long-term care insurance products as part of our complete financial service and retirement planning offerings.

Our Approach

BBM Financial Services’ hard-earned experience enables us to navigate the complex financial, legal and governmental requirements that affect your life and business goals.

What you receive from us is trustworthy, dependable and responsive attention. BBM Financial Services doesn’t need to answer to a national headquarters or follow policies or fees that are based more on shareholder profits than on client needs. Our independent status means greater flexibility, greater options and a personal approach that can’t be delivered by larger, national firms.

Long-term clients continue to work with us because they appreciate the trusted relationships they have with the advisors and administrators in our office. When they call us, they talk with a real person. If they have a question, they can easily reach one of our firm principals. If their situation requires a unique approach, we can provide flexible solutions for them, unhindered by “corporate office” rules or limitations.

Our client list spans individuals, families, businesses and organizations located throughout the western U.S., but our roots are deeply planted in the Yakima Valley. While many of our advisors began successful careers in other markets, they have chosen to return to this region to serve the people, businesses and communities that mean so much to us.

This isn’t only reflected in where we do business and our commitment to the region is much more than monetary. It is also reflected by how we spend our volunteer efforts. Local organizations and programs including Rotary Club, Kiwanis, United Way, Memorial Hospital board of directors and others have benefitted from BBM Financial Services’ involvement over the years. Our focus on giving back to the community makes central Washington a better, stronger, safer and more fulfilling place to live and do business. It’s a commitment that goes hand-in-hand with the help we provide our clients.